6/20/10: Finally Rolling — I am in Myrtle, MS.

July 20, 2010

I left Conover, NC this morning about 6Am, took me 10.5 hours to reach Myrtle, MS.  I am beat, but I made it, 600 miles, I have not ran like that in a few weeks, normally I push 500 to 550 a day, that extra hour can be brutal.  I had a good drive though, no real traffic, got to see tons of places.

I had the truck in the shop the past few days, my Jake brakes werent working right and the hood broke on the way down to conover, its all fixed, I feel the truck is now 100%.  It does what its supposed to do and feels right.  I am on a run that will get my home by the 27th.

I think I am around 11,000 miles since I left California last month, on this truck alone I have 8000 and I know I had a bit on the other one before I turned it in.  I have 1800 left to go before I get back to California so thats alot of miles in a months time.


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