7/15/10: What a cool Reset.

July 15, 2010

First off I want to thank Ted for coming down, this actually made my day.  We went out and had dinner over at Ruby Tuesdays.  That was a good burger thats for sure, and the conversation and company was pretty good also.  Then we headed back to the truck stop and he took out the camera gear and got some photo time in, I should have some pretty cool photos of me and the truck here soon, even got some local Kentucky women in on the action :).  Actually they were both pretty nice ladies, they are doing escort for another truck carrying an AC blower for a building.

On the way back in we saw some tanks in here, or APCs not sure, as there was no turret barrel but there were gun mounts on them.  Just no guns, so we walked over and startd looking and talking about them and kinda got to see how the armor was setup and such, another driver walks over and tells us we might not want to stay too long or too close.  Well after telling us why, I guess these things are mildly radioactive still, how fun, first I had hazmat parked next to me all night, now I am standing next to a radio active tank.

Its been a pretty interesting afternoon, I really haven’t done much today, I started cleaning my truck outside, and once again my hood wont open, so that makes checking my oil impossible, good thing these trucks have safety to keep us from running without oil in them, I spent most of my day just relaxing and naping and such, tomorrow hopefully I get moving again.

I guess I need to explain what a Reset is, there are a few of you who read this who know already, but for those that don’t I have 70 hours to use in a 8 day work week, well if worked right I can manage to keep hours working past 8 days, however every once in a while we work hard, IE 10-11 hour days, well for the past week and a half I managed to keep about 20 hours on the books, working 8-9 hour days, well this past load was 3 days long, I had to work 10-11 hours every day to get here on time, doing so I wiped out what available hours I had to work with.  So I had to take a reset for 34 hours to recoup all 70 hours, what that means is for 34 hours straight I can do no work, I basically get a day off and can do whatever I want, but come 3Am California time I am available to work again, with a full 70 hours.  Easy to understand right?  🙂


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