7/10/10: Cleaning like an idiot. haha

July 10, 2010

So I decided to finally scrub the floors in this truck tonight. when I first got the truck, it had mud everywhere, which is fine, I took the shop vac and vacuumed it out, but it always just looked dirty, so tonight, while in 80 degree weather, and 80% humidity decided its time to clean it good, or at least better.  I broke out a scrubber and a bucket I bought at WalMart, put some soap and water in there and went to town.  I had to look like a crackhead out in this heat, but I dont care because after scrubbing for a good hour the floor looks awesome.

As I went over to the fuel isle to get a bit more water, I noticed another W/S driver parked in the back, so I picked up my stuff and started walking that way, he must have felt I was coming direct to him because immediately he ducked behind his curtains leaving his laptop and everything out on the seat, I knocked and he opened his window a tiny bit, I am like I am not here to shine your chrome, I explained I wanted to say hi and asked if he was the driver I was talking to coming up here, since I got split off when I got fuel.  His whole demeanor changed as soon as he figured I didn’t want anything from him, it was actually pretty funny.  I said my hi then told him I gotta get back to cleaning, and left it at that.

This weekend up into Tuesday they have me on a loop run, I was supposed to be getting home this week but that never happened so I accepted it and went on, I made my first drop at our Richmond, Ky terminal (that place is tiny) then took another empty trailer and booked it up to just outside Cincinnati, which is where I am staying tonight, I figure I have three more days to make Arkansas, so I am not in any huge hurry, I will get there early just not two days.  Anyway tomorrow I pickup a load of Light Bulbs from GE and head to WalMart to drop this trailer, when I am done with that, hopefully I will get routed out to Conover for furniture, those runs are nice and take a week.  I figured since I am stuck out here might as well get some miles and a few more days put into it so I can take a week off instead of 3 days.


One comment

  1. Your right if they think you want something they go hide must be a new driver sounds like you are moving right along

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