7/5/10: Im here!! Carlisle, Pa.

July 5, 2010

And it stinks here lol.  No its like 100 degrees out with the humidity which is combining to peel the piss smell off the asphault,  Oh man it smells like urine all over the place out here.  Really nasty anyway I made it today but got stuck on the Turnpike for about an hour due to an accident 10 miles up.  Kinda sucks but whatever I still made good time, my delivery is at 8Am local time (3 hours difference so I gotta be up around 4 to make it 5 miles down the road).

I found out today that my gas milage wasnt as bad as I thought it was, turns out im only using one of my tanks, which is bad, but at the same time atleast I know it wasnt me.  It clogs up and doesnt drain from one to the other, so I have a full tank on the passenger side and nothing on the drivers.  I didnt find that out till today when I went to actually fill them both up, the passenger tank only took a minute to fill, a bit quick for 125 gallon tanks.  Its either a clogged breather or a clog in the crossover line.  I am just gonna baby it to the shop and get them to fix it.  I may tap on the breather a few times or something to see if it clears up that way, but not too worried about it right now.

Anyway I am tired, I just finished my laundry and ate dinner, I think a movie is in order then bed time, thank God for this APU, PA is a anti idle state, so I can run it and be legal, theres a cop parked across the street, wouldn’t surprise me if he started writing tickets out here. These states are hurting for revenue and we are big easy targets.


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