6/30/10: Another day and more runs.

June 30, 2010

This morning I got woke up by the tire mechanic, he wanted to give me some new rubber.  So I got dressed and obliged.  I got 8 brand new tires this morning, then got my list into the shop.  In the mean time I got a call from my dispatcher for the Montana area, he wanted me to run some flour for him.  So I picked up another volvo and headed for Great Falls, MT.  Its only 90 miles each way, so I ran up there got a load of flour and ran it back to Helena, MT.  Later on I found out I was going back up for another load,  but this time it was my own.  I got back to Helena and got my truck back, hopefully all the issues are worked out now, the jake brakes are defiantly working right but they do have an exhaust leak to go with them.  And the motor feels amazing, its got so much power I am pulling hills like it should be.  I am now on a run from Great Falls, MT to Carlisle, PA.  Thats a good 2100 miles, and gets me through the holiday weekend.

Personally I dont like going into the North East (PA), the roads back there are kinda crappy as far as highway systems and such, but I dont turn anything down so I am on it.

Had a few funny things happen today, never a dull moment.  First off thanks to Scott for cruizing up to Great Falls on my second trip again, I know you had to go that way but at the same time it was a nice drive up, however Scott did provide the entertainment for a bit.  You know the guy who forgets to open his doors before he docks.  hehe yea Scott did that today, now we all have days where this happens, hell today I forgot my tires were chocked and tried to pull away when they were done loading me.  Atleast we were both able to laugh about it and get it resolved quick, he pulled up we opened them and they loaded us up quick.

More on the new vs. old.  heres some quick stats.

2005 Volvo
Volvo Motor
Eaton 10 Speed Automatic Transmission

Cummings Motor
Eaton 10 Speed Manual Transmission
Tripack APU Unit (Heat/Air/Generator)

I ended up removing a cabinet out of the new one also, I liked how my fridge and microwave were setup, and this truck has additional storage on it, even though I loose alot under the sleeper, on the front above the driver and passenger seats instead of being just a shelf like my old one this one has two cubby cabinets and double storage across the middle up front.  It makes it seem a tad smaller in here but actually I gained what I lost when I removed the cabinet, and my previous truck I had even less cabinet space so this is an upgrade.  The only thing that sucks, but I defiantly cant complain about is the under bunk storage where I used to keep alot of stuff is taken up with APU stuff (Intake/ blower and such) but I would rather have that APU over the storage space!


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