6/28/10: Part Duex

June 29, 2010

Ok now I am very happy!!  I just finished moving into a new truck (well new to me) new # is 1940, its a Volvo again, its got 600k on the clock, but what really makes me happy is its got a APU on it.  A tripak no less!  So now I dont have to idle and I dont have to worry about electricity any more.

Its got a standard 10 speed in it instead of the auto and the cummings motor, so its got plenty of power to go around.  Its also got a few more cabinets in it for all my junk, even with removing the two on the passenger side for my fridge and microwave, this truck just feels bigger in a sense.

I need to hit the shop for one final thing tomorrow and I need to hit Wally world for a new rug for the inside, but other than that its ready to roll.  I am beat.


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