6/26/10: Chicken wheres your head….

June 26, 2010

Ok so the past few days since I have left have been a blur, I have been moving constantly, not really turning any big miles but at the same time not really stopping for more than my 10 hour periods.  I have had multiple drop loads that I have kept up with, I finally finished my Denver run and I was preplanned to get flour tomorrow morning.  Its so much nicer when you have an idea whats next, this way I was able to get ahead of myself, grab a good trailer and get up to the loading point tonight.  Cuts my miles tomorrow down and gives me a bit more time to do whats gotta be done before I leave for Washington on Monday morning.

I have not cooked the last two days, last night I went for ribs in town (just sounded good) and tonight I had dinner with a friend (another driver) who also works for WS.  Kinda nice to sit down and just talk about everything and interesting drops and so forth.  Now in the AM there are 4 of us all parked here at the Flying J and we all know we gotta pickup at the same time frame and place tomorrow.  I know we have a total of 5 loads coming from General Mills, so its going to be busy for us up there.

My game plan is pickup @ 7AM, hit the road and get over to Missoula early, get my laundry and grocery shopping done and then Monday around 4AM leave for Washington, its an 8 hour drive to where I am parking for that night so I should make it pretty easy by 1PM.   This leaves my drops which happen on Tuesday only 50 miles apart each, and tons of time left over to pickup my most likely Paper load and head to where ever its going.

Side note, Thursday the 1st is my 90 day probation period expires, assuming I did everything right I should get a tiny raise and be out of probation.  I hope it goes through, I want to start bringing people with me and letting some of them see what I do and some of this awesome country we live in.


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