6/22/10: Back to the grind — Santa Fe Springs to Denver

June 22, 2010

I picked up a furniture load going from my home terminal to Denver, Co, its 1025 miles there and I didnt get to pickup the trailer until 1AM this morning, its due tomorrow between 7 and 3pm,   Awesome.   Oh well I drove this morning from when I picked it up till 2ish, I made it 553 miles today with it so that only leaves around 473 for tomorrow morning.  I will get there on time but will be out of hours again for the rest of the day, no sweat.

Its funny to say tonight when its 3PM, but I just had dinner, it was Asian sesame beef over rice and broccoli and cheese.  Not a bad combo, filled me up and im ready to goto sleep!  Gotta be up at Midnight again to get these wheels moving.  Maybe watch a movie as im falling asleep not sure yet.  I just know I am beat, I took a 2 hour nap this morning about 4am, it was only supposed to be for an hour but whatever I still drove 10.5 hours today..

I am also trying for my fuel and qualcom bonus this month, its gonna be hard but I backed down my speeds a bit and I am trying to idle less as well as remember to send my daily check calls in.  Something so easy yet when your tired you forget.


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