6/17/10: Days off

June 17, 2010

I like driving, now that I am coming up on my 90 days I got asked by Charlie (hi Charlie) if I liked doing this.  We spoke for a bit about it and hes right you cant exactly explain what it is that you like or why you like it.  I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started doing this, and it is a total lifestyle change, you live by two clocks, if not more, between your hours 11,14 and 10, and what timezone your in, you never really realize how quick time goes by.  Your constantly moving from state to state and timezone to timezone, every city you see is different, every dock you bump is a new challenge.  Some days are extremely easy while others can really test your patience and skills.  I don’t end up writing a lot of what happens down here, its hard to keep track of it all.

Anyway on to current events, yesterday I went to see Tom, you knew this was coming dude.. heh.  Anyway he still works at Toyota, and a nice facility they have there in El Cajon BTW.  But I took my moms Prius down for some warranty work (yes I get chores when I come home), he got it all squared away and me and Savannah waited until 6 for him to get off.  Finally he head out and get some dinner, Yard House, good food, a bit on the pricey side but I cant complain for how good it was. Plus its me and Tom, we never have been cheap about our food, both of us love a good Meat and Potatoes dinner.  I had a good time, and its nice to get to see friends you don’t get to see as much when out hundreds of miles away.    Well heres where stuff gets interesting for me,  I have been doing this blog since I have started, knowing only a few people maybe read it, and more and more I’m finding there are a lot of you reading this.  Well last night to my surprise when we got to Toms he was talking about his computer and we were in there, he showed me something interesting about it and then he opened his web browser to look at something, well low and behold my Blog is what popped up!  Not only is he reading it (Tom I still think that was cool) but its his homepage!  Which means he reads it every day!  Anyway I was taken by surprise, it made me realize maybe I need to step up the content of my writing on here, give some more details and such, even when I get those long days and I’m dead tired, just still write out what happened that day.

So back to truck talk.  This trip I came in for home time, as well as getting fixed.  I have a leaking front window, and some other items the shop needed to handle, so leaving it with them for 4 days should be enough time for them to bang it out.  This truck is becoming mine more and more every day, when I showed back up at the terminal however It almost killed me!  I went to make the turn onto Carmenita rd from Roscrans (right hand turn) and all of a sudden my Refer and microwave decided they needed to see the other side of the truck!  I caught them coming my way in the corner of my eye and stuck my hand out to try to keep them from hitting me, as that would have really hurt.  I caught them and luckily my other three straps on the microwave kept it from coming off the fridge.  Well I finished my turn and pushed them back up, after getting my trailer dropped I decided to see what had happened, I had 2 earth quake straps holding it in and it was bolted to the wall.  Well the bolt must have backed out because it was on the floor and the straps were loose from the wall.  So I re-bolted it to the wall and they are now secure again, but I gotta keep an eye on it I guess.

This trip I had a total of 8k miles.  I went from Los Angeles to Maryland, then down to North Carolina, then got sent all the way back up to Washington State from there I went to Phoenix, AZ then home.  This took a total of 21 days from start to finish but should be good pay wise.  Big runs are nice because you just drive day after day, but sometimes I also enjoy doing the smaller stuff because your are bouncing around from state to state, or getting to get off the main interstates for some of the smaller roads that get there.  I got to hit some good hills this trip though, especially when I got into Oregon, one pass was pretty cool, you wind your way from Baker, Or west and when you get to the end theres a nice hill to descend, but whats cool is your comming off this shelf like mountain and you can see where your headed below, looking out you see a huge city.  It doesnt take long to get down its only 6 miles down and its winding down so its not bad, but I did this at 5am or so and it just seemed like perfect conditions to be out there.

I also got to hit a few new states this trip, I haven’t been to Maryland, Nebraska, or Missouri, I got a piece of Indiana, Iowa, and Illinois.   I count so far I have been to 30 states.


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