6/14/10: Lets get this party started! 100* Heat YES! FML.

June 14, 2010

Yea I made it to Phoenix, AZ.  Man im beat.  I have been driving and sleeping, driving and sleeping for the past 3 days.  I Sleep for my 10 hours then take off like a bat outa hell.  I have been driving from around midnight till 2pm.  Last night was rough, I showed up at the truck stop around 3ish, shut it down and got ready for bed.  Getting dinner and stuff out of the way I tried sleeping, 9PM still awake, now im worried.  I finally get to sleep and my alarm feels like it goes off 20 minutes later, its 12:30AM.  I get up grab a shower and take off.  I can feel the effect of no sleep now.  Its 7AM, I showed up here at around 5:30, I am awake now but will be crashing out soon.  I doubt I am going to make it back to LA today, probably tonight or tomorrow early morning.  As long as I can get a load that way.


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