6/12/10: Whoa, today went too quick.

June 12, 2010

I have 1400 to drive and be there by monday morning 7am.  Its one hell of a fast run, I flipped my clock back to night/morning so I can gain a day because I had to take a reset from thursday after I picked the load up until Saturday (today) at 2am.  This hurt me but I had no hours left on the clock to drive at all.  So I put 200 down the first day (thursday before reset) and 500 down today, only 799 left according to my GPS.  So I figure leave at midnight again and put down 11 again to get into choachella valley, that way I only have 2-300 left to do the next night and be there by 7am monday.  From there I am trying to get a load to Santa Fe Springs again, my trucks got some issues still, a leaking front window, now a mirror mount broke on our crappy Cali roads.  and it needs a oil change..  I am sure more will pop up when I get into that awesome 100 degree weather out in Phoenix.


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