6/6/10: Misery… Oh wait Missouri…

June 6, 2010

Actually this place isnt too bad, no humidity to deal with, just warm weather, a nice breaze from time to time, and another driver I met over in Santa Fe Springs, CA.  We hung out and talked for a bit, had some ice cream since it was warm and just went our seperate ways.  Good guy, he has family this way so he got a good meal and a nice day with his grandkids.

I put down 564 miles today, not as many as I had hoped, I had two hours left I could have driven but after talking with Charlie, figured this was a better place to park and it is.  The Petro here is clean, big and tons of parking, I am still keeping to my early morning driving, only because I get done earlier and get to relax a bit longer.  Tomorrow I plan on being in Nebraska pretty close to the Wyoming border.  I have already put down about 1000 miles for this trip in just about under 2 days driving.  A little slow on the start but I had to break up yesterday and the night before, I was 200 miles out of the terminal when I got this load so those count for this trip also.   I am a bit worried about Nebraska, hopefully theres no wind, since im only 12,000lbs and a full loaded trailer.  Its light and moves around alot when hit with big gusts.

Last night was my first experience with the slow cooker on the truck, I made bbq chicken with it, WOW was that good.  I have enough left overs I also made nachos using the chicken for meat in it.  Made for a great easy dinner.  Back to that chicken, I did what I do with my beef round, I put it in with bbq sauce and left it on, 6 hours later I could not take it anymore, its one thing when its at home and you can smell it and get away from it, its another when its strapped to the counter behind you and all you can do is smell it for 400 miles while driving down the road.  It was driving me nuts.  Smelled so good, in the end the meal was quick and easy, I put it on when I was at a rest stop 6 hours before and left it there, when it was done I pulled the chicken out of the slow cooker and took the liner that I put in and took it out and threw it away with all the left over bbq sauce, since it had alot of the chickens grease in it.  I rinsed out the slow cooker and put it away, too easy, no mess.  Next up I try to make Chili…


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  1. yes I now what it can do and you will save alot of money and eat healthy,well most of the time.

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