6/5/10: What the Mother #$!@ing hell!!!!

June 5, 2010

Ok I am in Knoxville, TN for the night, so I can start driving really early tomorrow morning again.  I get all parked theres nobody on either side of me, now I got a guy who pulled in and it sounds like his truck is idling at 1500RPM, WTF…  His air dryer keeps blowing off every 10 seconds and his fan keeps comming on constantly.  WTF.  Let me say that again WTF…  I had a guy yesterday whos airdryer did the same crap and he parked right next to me, FIX YOUR DAMN TRUCK…..

Sleep tonight is going to suck yet again…. maybe I will lodge my gas petal to the floor till he moves…  Some people…


One comment

  1. Means the guy has his A/C on nerd.

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