5/14/10: Helena, MT – Food Shopping

May 14, 2010

Today I got to Helena after dropping off in Great Falls, all went well in Walmart, didnt get ran over by any crazy people and got all my shopping done.  I got enough food to last about 2 weeks on here now.  It has helped having the ability to cook on the road rather than rely on truck stops for every meal.  Now if only I can shower cheaper…

I did learn an important but not fatal lesson today, when you buy stuff for OTR read the package to make sure its MICROWAVEABLE.  Ha ha I bought 4 packages of some really good looking chicken breasts that were full of good vegetables and other stuff, I didn’t read the label though they were not precooked, so I am cooking up 8 pieces of chicken at the terminal in the Oven while doing my laundry.   I can then place them in containers and put them in the fridge for eating later.  I figure lunch and dinner the next few days.  Just treat them as left overs.

Other than that I got some of the dinners where you put water in the pasta and microwave then strain it and dump the sauces and chicken in, they look good so hopefully they taste that good.  I got a chicken nacho recipe online and am going to try that too since its all microwave.  Should be interesting but worth a shot right.

I am still in the testing phase as to what I can take on the truck and what I cant, I dont want to buy something that cannot be used, that would just be a waste.  But also unsure as to what I can and cant cook on here, so I am treading lightly on it, I figure I can cook ravioli and stuff in some bowls I picked up and stuff, I have a pot my grandma gave me (thanks!) thats 12v so I can cook with it also.


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  1. You are learning but read the labels and be careful not to scald yourself.

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