5/11/10: Glenwood Springs, Co or something like that.

May 11, 2010

So I left Utah today and got a few deliveries done in Colorado, the weather is looking nasty here but drivable still.  No snow yet just some sprinkling, its supposed to snow a bit out here but not much supposidly.  I decided to take a walk to Chilis tonight and get a bite to eat there, It was 1.1 miles each way which would be easy, but I didnt think about the huge hills out here..  HAHA…  So it was quite a hike for dinner, but worth it.  This is supposed to be a truck stop but there is more parking on the highway exits than this place.

Tomorrow its onward to basalt and then up towards Denver for my final deliveries.


One comment

  1. When I made that run a couple of months ago I had to stay in Glenwood Springs, too. That little truck stop’s four spaces were already taken and I ended up parking behind the Lowe’s over where that Chili’s is. I also ate dinner at the bar in that Chili’s and watched the winter Olympics. Women’s snowboard halfpipe, I believe.

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