5/9/10: Barstow, Ca — Winds yay…

May 9, 2010

I got on the road about 3PM today, didnt get up to Barstow till 6, however I pulled over to grab some food and noticed the wind was rather strong, I start poking around and find out that its 30mph winds with gusts up to 60, its supposed to let up tonight at midnight, so Im done for today, that sucked lol.

On another note, I have photos of my refer and microwave and inverter to share, they will be below, funny thing though.  Anyone who has been to barstow and has had food at Del Taco knows what im takling about, but I have the ability to cook however I walked down the road to Del Taco and got 3 Regular cheapie tacos.  Thing is this del taco has a reputation, 3 regular cheapie tacos are enough to feed an army!  These things are loaded, So I am happy and full and now going to upload the photos




  1. I saw your truck at the J in Barstow, but Kelly and I went a different way and ate dinner at Chipotle. We also decided to take our chances
    with the wind and now here we sit in Kingman, Arizona.

    • Hey how was it last night I’m guessing you got shut down due to the 40. I decided to call it seeing as it was letting up today and I’m light once again. I would have tried making Vegas if I wasn’t so damn light lol. It seemed like the later the harder it was blowing.

      • The 40 was fine, actually. I checked the weather alerts while I was still eating at Chipotle and they were set to expire at midnight. It was about 9 PM then, so I figured the wind would
        be weakening soon and I went for it. I’ve been seeing lots of wind lately, and last night didn’t feel too bad to me from Victorville to Barstow. I did wonder about my decision for a while, though because I’m loaded light, too. I heard the wind was worse up the 15. Now I’m parked for the night in Milan, New Mexico and I have to run piecemeal hours to Chattanooga for Thursday night. I think I have enough hours to average 8 hour days all the way. Tomorrow I’ll probably stop in Amarillo. Hope the luck stays with you to Colorado.

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