5/1/10: Im in Phoenix, AZ!!!

May 1, 2010

Took a drive today from Gallup, NM to Phoenix, AZ, took me about 6 hours due to construction and the hills.  Lots of grades going down the 17, and weighing in at 77k does not help with slowing me down.   I had a good drive though I stopped in Flagstaff for lunch then took off for down here.  I am not delivering until Monday morning so I get a day off down here to take my reset and chill out.

Traffic in Phoenix sucked, it was 4pm and they were doing construction so it went from 3 lanes to 1, well every moron in AZ was on the 17 at this point.  They would not merge into the single lane instead they fought till the end for their one spot ahead.  Me and another driver started talking then figured screw it lets have some fun so we setup to take all 3 lanes, this lasted for a bit till a Highway patrol drove by and eyeballed both of us, he knew what we were doing, forcing everyone to merge early enough to ease traffic so he didnt do anything to us, but he still didnt like it.  I had some lady who was so far up on me I could not see anything more than a shadow of her car on my right side, the guy behind me told me dont stop fast or shes eating my bumper hard.  I dont know how someone can ride that close to a truck.   I have never done it before driving and I will never do it after are people just that stupid..

I am kinda excited though I saw my first Los Angeles sign today, I am staying off the 10 Freeway so its kinda almost feels like home is close.


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