4/30/10: Stuff just aint going my way.. Moriarty, NM

April 30, 2010

Well on 4/28 I left for Roswell, NM, get down there spent the night on a old out of business truck stop and showed up on 4/29 for my pickup and was not informed it was a refer load of frozen cheese.  So I had to decline it, I started heading back up to Moriarty when about an hour deep we hit major winds.  I am talking I slowed down to 20mph and still had rear tires lifting off the ground!  This for all intensive purposes was a scary feeling, watching your tires come up off the ground and you could go over at any second made me think twice real quick about keeping moving.  I drove another 5 minutes up the road found a open area and drove off the road.  I parked facing into the wind so I was pointing West into the wind while the highway was running N.  Picture a full size semi turned sideways on a main highway, between that, lowering my landing gear on the trailer and parking I sat for 8 hours waiting the wind out.  There were alot of rollovers that day, people would go blowing by us asking if we were scared or something, being empty and rocking that hard at a stop I dont care what they said I aint stupid.  We had about 15 trucks all lined up at one point during the day.  We became the parking lot out there.  About 6PM the wind started to lift, it was still blowing hard but not as hard as it was earlier that day, Me being empty, a guy with a quarenteened load of avocados on his way to Canada and another empty walmart driver decided to try again.  We all took off at the same time and just cruized, he hit Vaughn, NM in about an hour (it was only 34 miles away).  I decided to keep going and get up to the 40 again being it was only 70 miles away.  I got here around 9PM last night, beat, tired of watching my tires and ready for a shower and bed.

I woke up this morning and had a load from Albuquerque to Reno, figured cool westward lets roll, I got breakfast, did my vehicle inspection and went to fuel back up, no sooner than I got finished fueling I get a call and was told my load was cancelled yet again due to weather.  So now I am doing a 34 hour reset to get my clock to zero again.  I still want to go West to get home and I have no loads comming in right now via the qcomm.

Atleast I did my laundry and theres some stuff to do around here, maybe I will go buy some fireworks LOL..


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