4/30/10: Im haulin the POOP

April 30, 2010

Yes thats right I got a poop load from San Ysidro, NM to Phoenix, AZ.  I am in Gallup NM now parked for the night, but I am just happy to be away from Albucracky.  I probably will be in Phoenix tomorrow night since its only 300 miles away.

So yea as I am typing this I had to get out because of this…

Ok seriously, sitting here a covenant truck rolls up and the way its setup you can either be dumb and try backing in or drive around the backside of us and pull right in between, this guy actually just took and tried to back in, he came within an inch of hitting me before i stopped him and he hit the trailer next to me…  we both got out and were like why didn’t you just pull around, hes like no i like to backup…  you serious?  your pride worth that much to you?  he never once looked out the window just his mirrors which i know he could not have seen anything..  wow just wow…


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