4/28/10: Tired.. and in Roswell, NM

April 29, 2010

Well today I started in Clovis NM then headed to Albuquerque.  I got unloaded and ended up waiting 10 hours until I got a load again from Roswell, NM (AREA 51 woo hoo) to Fort Morgan, CO.  Atleast this is getting me out of New Mexico, I rolled into this truck stop around 11:00pm tonight, its a ghost town, theres a few trucks here and there but nothing major.  Roswell looks huge when you crest the hill but doesnt seem that big once in it.

I am beat and gonna get some sleep, I am stuck here till later in the day when they load me, then it looks like im driving night again.  At first I hated driving at night, just seemed like it was alot to handle once it got dark, but I am seeing how its actually easier due to less cars on the road and less complaining truck drivers.  You make good time and the miles tick away alot faster.  Only downside is your body is constantly saying hey im supposed to be asleep durring this time, and you have to fight it later on in the night.


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