4/25/10: Oklahoma.

April 26, 2010

Well Im in Oklahoma for the night, got stuck here due to a slow receiver, oh well. I am at my next drop until the AM. Then off to Amarillo, TX for a few more drops! I actually like furniture routes, they aren’t as hard as I thought just putting around town can suck. I got into one yard today for a drop and the guy had to have every employee come out and move their cars so I could turn around (I even told him I was a BIG truck, I got there and hes like ohh that big, I was like yea what did ya think it was, hes all a box truck) I just laughed. Took a few minutes to get turned around in his “yard” more like backyard lol.

Weather has been crazy, yesterday I rolled through TN to AR and as soon as I hit the border the sky behind me turned pitch black! It was dumping rain. 10 miles down the road and it was sunny skys again haha.


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