4/24/10: Night run

April 25, 2010

I just finished the reset at 6pm I only managed to get a 2 hr nap in before it. I was excited and nervous so I could not sleep. I had been watching the weather all day and before I left thundershowers and tornados were on the menu. Not cool, the rain wasn’t too bad but still harsh enough to make the roads hard to see, there is a certain glare that appears at night that you can’t see the lines that easy. Once workibg my way through the 26n detour for the 40, the rain let up and it was thunder time. I was moving, 65mph is my limiter and I was bouncing off of it the whole time. Now the lightning started, that was awesome. The skies lit up like daytime and you could see everything, this kept up all night. Finally I hit my second fuel stop and was beat, the signs leaving didn’t make much sence and next thing I knew I was on a small dead end street, I had to backup a 1/4 mile to get back to the turn I missed.

I kept telling myself just 50 more miles just one more hour, I saw 2 rest stops rolled Into both and took off again, 20 minutes later I was getting off because I just didn’t feel awake. I pulled into a pilot and was having issues with a simple backup, finally I said screw it and turned around and parked nose first. It’s amazing how much we goto mush when we are tired.

I am still close enough to make it Monday to Tulsa, ok but it isn’t going to be easy. Today I gotta cover 640 miles, instead of the 500 I was hoping for, but that’s cause I didn’t hit my 550 I wanted last night. Oh well saftey first.


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