Beer Run!!!

April 19, 2010

So I got a beer run from PA to GA.  I left NJ today because I just didnt want to spend the night there, I passed my exit for my load up in favor of a place to sleep with food and a nice hot shower in the morning.  It was only 20 miles out of route and will make my drive in the morning much easier.

Today was my first experience in Jersey and I must say Jersey traffic blows.  The people are clueless, if I am literally 10x larger than you, why do you think I must move into the passing lane for you to get on the highway?  I had so many people today get on and just keep driving like they dont see me next to them when the lane ends.  Then you flash and and give me a finger like its my problem.    I just smiled a bit and kept on moving.

Also i gotta get an ice chest or something going on.  I bought some stuff the other day and it turns out it doesnt last too long when sitting in the truck with only the AC to keep it cool.  Oh well I will throw it out tomorrow if it smells bad, I got over half of it so im good.


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