4/18/10: 34 Hour reset and chores…..

April 18, 2010

So I have been sitting since yesterday morning around 9-10am.  Every time I run my 70 hour clock down I must sit for a period of 34 hours to reset the clock back to 70 hours again.  My official time is up at 10PM, however I am going to wait until Midnight before I leave for Jersey.  I have a 8Am drop down there which means I have to leave around 2Am PST to get there on time.  Remember 3 hours time difference, timezones suck.  So leaving at Midnight gives me a 3AM start time locally and gives me 1 extra hour incase I dont get there or get lost.  I am hoping none of the above happens, so I can get in, drop my load and get the F out of here.

I have been down here in Harrisburg, PA at the local truck stop doing chores, laundry cleaning up the insides of the truck, I am doing windows and front end in a bit, I figure if I got the time I can do a little cleaning.  It was pouring the other night so the outside got a mild wash.  Slowly I am making this thing more like home.  I tucked all the wiring for my XM into the dash, got it mounted to the top of the dash and fixed the CB stuff a bit more.  I put some carpet down through the center of the truck and its helped alot.  The oder that was here for the first 2 weeks is gone.  I think I removed all the stuff causing it.  I got rid of the middle curtains and only am using the front window ones now, this gives the inside a little more room and makes it feel bigger in here.  I need to get some tint next time I get home for the overhead window, its got something mild on there now but I want it to be dark in here durring the day if I close it off, and that window being open with no curtains aint doing it.

Next post will be photos of the property my parents bought in Tennessee.


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