4/11/10: Long Good Day

April 11, 2010

Well I got a load from California to Tennessee!!!  Total mileage is 2160, today I conquered 533 of it in 10 hours time.  I was hoping to hit the 600 mark but California and its stupid 55 law slowed me down.  Once out of California it was to the floor for a whole whopping 65mph :).  I made it as far as Winslow, Az  So tommorow hopefully I can pass threw New Mexico and Texas.

I got to stop in Kingman and meet up with Grandma and Charlie for dinner, btw Charlie that Chicken fried steak made it all the way to Winslow before it won the battle.  I was going to continue on but I ran out of time on the 14hr clock and figured eh keep it 100% legal and dont try to play around with it.  Tomorrow is another day and I can try for that 600 mark again.

I am finally getting around to doing the little things that have been on my nerves with this truck, I mounted my CB Mic today instead of it beating on the dash all day, I got my power situation figured out for 12v so I can run my GPS and XM at the same time!  And my laptop and Phone charging stuff for my Iphone and Bluetooth are able to all charge at the same time.

As of now I am getting tired, its 10:30 PST so its time to hit the sack get my 10hr in and hit the road again.  The debate tonight is shower tomorrow @ 10 bucks a hit or wait till I see a pilot and redeem my free shower lol.  Like an idiot I missplaced my rewards cards and didnt find them until tonight after digging around in my shower bag.  So now I have two Pilots with showers on em.

Night World.


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