4/10/10: Back to work!

April 10, 2010

Just got all loaded up after having tons of stuff fixed on the truck, no load tonight but thats ok it gives me a night to settle back in.   I got to talk to a bunch of other drivers today, all of them have tons of info to give and tons of ideas on ways to set this truck up for alot better living while out.  I am definatly going to be doing alot to this thing and getting it setup how I feel it would benefit me.

4 days was too much at home though, after 2 I could feel how I wasnt exactly gonna make any money being at home.  I feel if I can stay about 3-4 weeks or even 5 if needed I can pull enough in get 2-3 days off and relax then hit it again.  My first paycheck wasnt big at all but I am sure it can only get better from here.


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