4/6/10: Home sweet home.

April 7, 2010

So its been a while since I have updated this thing, sorry about that.  I have been really busy the past week.  I managed to get some runs going that took me north then west then south again.  Putting me back in So Cal till Friday.  Trucks in the shop being fixed up and making it more livable.  My last run was the longest it came out to around 1130 miles, that was from Washington state to California.  Since being back I have been asked if I like doing this, I still stand by my response of its a job 24/7, there are times its fun and you get to see some cool stuff.  There are other times your wondering why the hell there are roads that go this way.

So my official truck, after moving from truck to truck 3 times it seems this one is mine for a while.  I am good with that, I have cleaned out every truck I have been in, my cleaning supplies ran low on the last one, when I get back I need to finish that up.  This sucker is somewhat nice, its a newer Volvo, so it rides like a caddy.  The only thing that I dont like its a Automatic, I guess I will get used to it but I prefer the control a Stick has to offer.



  1. Not to bad looking at least it has good fenders and from what we can see no dents hope you can get it clean and smelling better remember Fantastic is good and leaves a clean smell

  2. You may learn to love the AutoShifter!

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