March 28th: 11 Am. My First getting loaded Stop.

March 28, 2010

Got some food this morning, then took off for Green River, I called for directions but before I was able to even talk to the guy I missed my Exit!  So I had to backtrack 10 miles to get back there.  I found the place I am picking up at, looks like im hauling baking soda.  Next stop Colorado, where I will grab gas and get a hot shower again for tonight.

I need to find an inverter as I didnt bring one with me, kind of sucks because im limiting my laptop use so I dont kill it.  I am getting the hang of routing and highways, also learning more and more about how to keep comfortable doing this.

My Logbook from yesterday looks bad, I made a few stupid errors, they are not critical just look wise they dont look too good.  And I seemed to have an adding problem with it last night also, I kept showing up a half hour extra time even though I knew it wasnt there, only ten times later did it come up correct.  Go figure.    I will update this later and give out more info as the day progresses.


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