Day 8: I was given a #!!!

March 24, 2010

Well as of today I know the truck and where its at, unfortunately its south of here in Utah.  We did the hill climb and descent today, it was easy.  Climbing and shifting is just common sense, going down the hill is also, it went smooth, even when Mark held me out of gear without telling me to try to panic me.  I just told him to get his foot off the shifter and found the right gear again.  Its a cruel joke but fun none the less.  Two more days of paperwork and then hitching a ride to Utah to pick it up.

I can say I am excited!!


One comment

  1. Awesome!! That hill stuff is like you said…common sense. After the fact, we said, “no big deal!” Good luck on your truck…what number is it so we can keep a lookout for you?

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