Day 7: Its a new day! 3 to go!

March 23, 2010

Last night we stayed up pretty late working on log books, some of these that they throw at us are pretty hardcore.  Got done around 2am and went to bed.  Managed to talk to a few friends and my GF Savannah.  Shes been pretty supportive of this and knows that it means alot to me.  Anyway on to today.

We went through our hazardous materials and did a refresher and update, getting more detail and actually working through our Emergency Response book and Hazardous Materials Compliance Book.  Lots of good info floating around in there.  Then we went outside to maybe do some backing or something, we hooked a loaded and took it around the yard, I mentioned one of the tires looked a tad low so we got a lesson in tires along with it.  Proper pressures, how to check what to use and how to fill.  Not too hard but also important if you wanna hit those fuel bonuses.  Running out of time and going to lunch later we came back and discussed Winter Driving and techniques.  Along with that we chained up a set of tires that they have in the classroom so we have an idea what we are looking at.  Wasn’t too hard until Kelby decided to mix us up and grab the chains and mix em.  That made it alot longer.  But we were showed how to put chains on tight without even moving the truck.  Kind of cool to know.


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