Day 2

March 18, 2010

Today we did more desk work, then went out to see if we can back into a dock, me and the other guy both nailed it first try.  That was my first real world experience backing into anything other than a line of cones, man that was so much easier.  Then we both decided to get some practice alley docking between trailers, we found the tightest hole in the yard we could and squeezed that huge 53 in there like it was nothing.  We kept doing it over and over pulling out and resetting and doing it again.  Both of us made it look easy.  This is how I know my education at United paid off, we definitely learned the skills to do whats got to be done.  It built a lot of confidence in our training for both of us.  Hopefully tomorrow we hit the road and go through town.  Shifting in the yard we aren’t even getting out of 4th so really its not difficult here.


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