Day 1

March 17, 2010

Today was the first day, the previous class was finishing up so we jumped in with their lesson plan and started with them.  Our instructor is pretty laid back we discuss everything.   We started watching the training videos that we must get through, I am going to talk to the other guy and see if he wants to blow through them tonight, that way they are done and out of the way.  Out of the 7 that started from the last class 4 made it through, the others dropped out for various reasons.  All 4 of these guys are very helpful, we did some practice logging last night using lessons they already had, and they helped us when we got stuck or had questions.  Which for them to take the time while finishing their own homework was awesome.

I probably should not have stayed up and worked with them, I was up from 2Am till 11:30 yesterday.  and going to sleep last night was a challenge, either because I was already past the point of tired or just because the different location.  I managed to wake up nice and early this morning to my alarm, something that seldom happens.

Tonight I plan on jumping into one of the training trucks and messing around in the yard for a hour or two, just getting used to their shifting pattern (Straight 10 speeds) and also to get a feel for the trucks here.



  1. Hey, I recognize that view! Which room are you in? I was in 6A…
    You will enjoy it there. As you said, the instructors are laid back…oh, and Mark does read the truckersreport website! He called me by my screen name one day! It was all in good fun though.

    Look forward to reading about your adventure there. I see you are from Socal as well, so we’ll be out of the same home terminal, look for me, I’m truck 1832.

    Take care…

    • I’m in 7b all by myself there are two of us so we have our own rooms.

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