I have arrived!!!

March 16, 2010

Woke up at 2:30AM, got dressed and loaded up the car, headed for Ontario at 3:30, jumped through security check point hoops quickly. I was up and in the air at 6 Am just as promised. Arrived in Salt lake City, UT around an hour later, with the time jump I had 20 minutes to shuffle across the airport to the next terminal. 9:50 we loaded up and off again, an hour later im sitting in my room in Missoula, MT. Town is small, I went down to the main part to pickup some grocerys and stuff.

The people here are really nice, I spoke with some drivers just finishing up Orientation today, they seemed happy, said its alot of info in 10 days but its doable. Today is just a kick back and wait day, there is only one other guy it looks at the moment going through orientation with me, I should be picking him up at the bus stop tonight. (Gives me something to do). No pictures yet, I need to charge up my camera batteries. But I gotta say this place looks awesome. Snow on the mountains on all four sides of me, cool crisp weather, and clean air. The air out here smells of pine trees.



  1. Hey Corey, glad you made it safe. Missoula is nice, and the air is actually clean up there, that’s why you smell the pine! My dad used to work over in Missoula a lot so we’d go over there to visit often. Have fun in orientation!

  2. Glad to hear you got there ok,sorry we missed seeing you off.

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