My Rant to the world (Warning NSFW, Language)

December 15, 2010

Ok, its been a while, I am working like crazy and loving it.  But I have to voice some feelings about how people drive out here.  There are times I wonder how these people manage to survive from day to day.  So lets get this party started…


1. Blinkers, yes every car is equiped with them, use the fucking things.  And not AFTER you have changed lanes, do it before, let everyone know your changing lanes, bet things will go easier for you.

2. Blinkers DO NOT mean speed up and keep someone from comming into your lane, they are not someone putting their hands out the window asking for you to move up, they are intended to let you know of the action that driver intends to make.  If you let them over, things will go much easier.

3.  Merging, you know the damn lane ends up ahead, why the hell must you wait till the last second to move over, also moving into the lane that is ending to pass people on the shoulder IS NOT acceptable, if I see you do it, I will run your ass over if I get the chance.  I hate when people do that.

4.  When you see a open spot in a lane that doesnt mean fill it up just to jump back into your other lane 10 seconds later.  people have this mentality about then that they must get infront of whoever is in front of them, and its a never ending cycle.  This is stupid, infact its just plain fucking nuts,  there is always going to be another car infront of you, get over it and go with the damn flow already.  You flipping back and forth not using your blinkers and just driving like an asshat is actually making the flow of traffic worse, not better.

5. Tailgating is also not acceptable, you tailgate, keep slapping on your brakes and just looking like a moron, let alone also stressing the crap out of yourself tailgating like crazy.  If you would just back off create a buffer infront of you, you will actually get to your location faster and not possible rear end anyone on the way, plus your brakes will last longer.

6. Rubbernecking is dumb, yea someones getting a ticket, its not the first time you have seen it and it wont be the last, why do you think you need to slow down and look?  You just create problems..

7. I drive a truck for a living, during the day I encounter thousands of people, I need to watch every one of them as they are near me, I have to make sure I dont run them over in their tiny econobox that they feel is invincible.  It just drives me nuts when I am working to keep you safe and you feel the need to do something around me that puts your dumbass as risk.  There is nothing worse than when I create room around me so that you are safe and I can manuever when the other idiot on the other side of me does something stupid, why do you think its ok to ride directly in my blind spots and when I create a stopping space infront of me, why must you fill it directly infront of me.  Then just to make matters worse 99% of the time when you do this you slam on your brakes as if I needed to know your there.

8. Cell phone usage, I at one point hated the cell phone laws, but I definatly am for them now, I see people daily that almost cause wrecks or they dont have any clue whats happening around them, hands free is just that, it doesnt mean rest your phone to your ear and act like your not, it means no hands to your face, keep the damn phone off your face.

9. When your getting on the highway, there is a speed limit, get to it, dont merge onto the highway and expect me to move over because your going 35 mph,  you have no clue whats going on, on the other side of me, most of the time when I dont move its because I cant, if theres another car there, then I leave you to figure it out, your either going to do stupid and try to outrun me from your 35mph, or your going to slow down and end up on the shoulder looking like an idiot.  Please get to atleast 55, and look to your dam left when you are merging.


And for those of you who like walking around on the streets, those buttons on the Light posts for crosswalks you dont need to rape them, just hit them once and wait your damn turn.  hitting them 10000000001 times really isnt going to make it work any faster, it just makes you look stupid on the curb.  Also get your damn ass across the road, dont screw around and slow way down when you can see people are waiting on you…


I am sure theres more I am missing, feel free to post a comment  adding onto this list.  I am all for it.


10/24/10: Local and sick.

October 25, 2010

Well I am now a local driver, got another truck, not as new as 1940 was but it will do.  Got it all fixed up, paperwork in order and set to go.  Its a 99 Freightliner it is older but it goes.  Ive been driving local for the past month or so but in the sleeper, now I am out of the sleeper and its much easier in the daycab.

And yes I am sick, I came home friday night and felt like crap, 2 days later its a cold alright.  Sinuses and everything just sucks to have to take a day off to knock it out.


8/3/10: Bay Runner

August 3, 2010

Well I am trying out a new position, its called Bay runner, basically I head from Santa Fe Springs, Ca to Modesto and surrounding areas.  I put down 355 miles today and it wasnt that easy, only due to traffic and getting used to only going 55 everywhere.  But here I sit in Modesto, CA delivering at 5am tomorrow to Budwieser and then getting a direct load back down to Santa Fe Springs.  Either wine or some other item close by here.


7/23/10: 4:30AM I am out of my mind.

July 23, 2010

I woke up at 4:30. My 10 hour limit was up so I was able to go, I took off and got my fuel stop and a shower in 100 miles down the road.  I hit Phoenix, AZ at 2PM, which was good time.  Tomorrow I hit Santa Fe Springs, CA.

I got offered a Bay runner position today also, which is cool because its up and down California which allows me to be home more often.  Only down side is, its alot of the 5 Freeway every day all day.  I am gonna try it and see if I like it, cant hurt to try!


6/22/10: Moriarty, NM today, Phoenix, AZ Tomorrow

July 22, 2010

Pushed a hard day today, drove 613 miles in 10 hours, got parked and now gonna go pass out.  I am beat, and tomorrow will be no picnic either.  I just want to get unloaded and hit SFS to make my final so I can get home for a bit.  It will be early but at least I can get everything done.


6/20/10: Finally Rolling — I am in Myrtle, MS.

July 20, 2010

I left Conover, NC this morning about 6Am, took me 10.5 hours to reach Myrtle, MS.  I am beat, but I made it, 600 miles, I have not ran like that in a few weeks, normally I push 500 to 550 a day, that extra hour can be brutal.  I had a good drive though, no real traffic, got to see tons of places.

I had the truck in the shop the past few days, my Jake brakes werent working right and the hood broke on the way down to conover, its all fixed, I feel the truck is now 100%.  It does what its supposed to do and feels right.  I am on a run that will get my home by the 27th.

I think I am around 11,000 miles since I left California last month, on this truck alone I have 8000 and I know I had a bit on the other one before I turned it in.  I have 1800 left to go before I get back to California so thats alot of miles in a months time.


7/15/10: What a cool Reset.

July 15, 2010

First off I want to thank Ted for coming down, this actually made my day.  We went out and had dinner over at Ruby Tuesdays.  That was a good burger thats for sure, and the conversation and company was pretty good also.  Then we headed back to the truck stop and he took out the camera gear and got some photo time in, I should have some pretty cool photos of me and the truck here soon, even got some local Kentucky women in on the action :).  Actually they were both pretty nice ladies, they are doing escort for another truck carrying an AC blower for a building.

On the way back in we saw some tanks in here, or APCs not sure, as there was no turret barrel but there were gun mounts on them.  Just no guns, so we walked over and startd looking and talking about them and kinda got to see how the armor was setup and such, another driver walks over and tells us we might not want to stay too long or too close.  Well after telling us why, I guess these things are mildly radioactive still, how fun, first I had hazmat parked next to me all night, now I am standing next to a radio active tank.

Its been a pretty interesting afternoon, I really haven’t done much today, I started cleaning my truck outside, and once again my hood wont open, so that makes checking my oil impossible, good thing these trucks have safety to keep us from running without oil in them, I spent most of my day just relaxing and naping and such, tomorrow hopefully I get moving again.

I guess I need to explain what a Reset is, there are a few of you who read this who know already, but for those that don’t I have 70 hours to use in a 8 day work week, well if worked right I can manage to keep hours working past 8 days, however every once in a while we work hard, IE 10-11 hour days, well for the past week and a half I managed to keep about 20 hours on the books, working 8-9 hour days, well this past load was 3 days long, I had to work 10-11 hours every day to get here on time, doing so I wiped out what available hours I had to work with.  So I had to take a reset for 34 hours to recoup all 70 hours, what that means is for 34 hours straight I can do no work, I basically get a day off and can do whatever I want, but come 3Am California time I am available to work again, with a full 70 hours.  Easy to understand right?  🙂